Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.

Matthew 28:19-20

Program Overview: The person and message of Jesus provides the foundation upon which a life of faith, hope and love is built. As a community of faithful, we are called to proclaim and teach God’s word, celebrate the sacred mysteries and serve others.

The Religious Education program of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish serves to educate the children of the parish in our shared Catholic faith, in conformity with the teachings of the universal church. In accordance with the Diocese of Worcester guidelines, Sacred Heart Parish provides instruction for children in both the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Sacramental Preparation.

The Religious Education program runs from September through April each year. Volunteer catechists teach classes of 6-10 children on a weekly or bimonthly schedule, either in their homes or on our parish campus.

SERVICE REQUIREMENTS: In order to foster the desire to live in imitation of our Savior who came to serve, not to be served, there are program wide service requirements. All students must complete their grade level service requirements on an annual basis. Additional information about the service program may be found on the Church website.

SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION: In accordance with the Diocese of Worcester guidelines, the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist are conferred in grade 2. Students may enter the Confirmation preparation program in grade 9 and the Sacrament of Confirmation is conferred once the Candidate completes the requirements of the Confirmation program. Each sacramental candidate must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of our faith before beginning these programs.

Grade 2 Sacramental Requirements In order to be eligible to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist, all candidates must

  • complete a grade 1 religious education curriculum prior to entrance into the sacramental program, either through a parish program or a Catholic school.
  • attend all scheduled sacramental preparation retreats.
  • complete a grade 2 religious education curriculum, either through a parish program or a Catholic school.
  • complete the annual service requirements.

Confirmation Requirements In order to be eligible to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, all candidates must

  • attend all classes.
  • attend one of the Parish’s Confirmation retreats at Oakhurst Retreat Center in Whitinsville.
  • complete the annual service requirements.
  • submit all required documents by the specified dates.

HOME TAUGHT OPTION: Parents of children in grades 1 and 3-8 have the option of teaching in the home and will be will be provided with home school materials. Children who are taught at home are required to complete all unit examinations and an end-of-year test. Completed work is submitted to the Religious Education office for review.

CATHOLIC SCHOOL STUDENTS: Children who attend a Catholic school are only required to participate in the parish’s sacramental preparation programs. All children wishing to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, the Eucharist (First Communion) and Confirmation should register in the spring prior to entering Grades 2 or 9.

Although parochial school students do not receive a majority of their direct religious education through the parish, they are an integral part of the overall parish family. In order to foster a sense of Christian community, which is so important to our faith, parochial school students are expected to attend all ap propriate grade level events.

ABSENCES/REQUIREMENTS FOR PROMOTION: Education in our faith is a cumulative process, which requires attendance at all classes. Children must contact his/her teacher and complete work for any missed classes. Children with more than 2 absences over the course of the year must demonstrate their knowledge of the course material by completing a written exam and being assessed for readiness to progress to the next grade level by the Religious Education Office. Children enrolled in Sacramental programs must attend all classes.

The Sacraments of Reconciliation, the Eucharist, and Confirmation will only be conferred once all requirements have been completed.

LATE ENROLLMENTS: Individual programs of study will be necessary for any child who (1) initially began a course of religious education, but has not attended for several years (2) did not receive one or more sacraments or (3) who has never been catechized.

GRADE LEVEL RETREATS: Children in all grades are required to attend an annual grade level retreat. These retreats allow the children to explore certain areas of our faith in greater detail. All parents will receive a retreat schedule at the beginning of each school year.

PROGRAM EVENTS: In addition to grade level retreats, there are monthly program wide events that families are expected to attend. All families will receive a calendar of program events at the beginning of each school year.

BEHAVIOR: Children are expected to behave ap propriately when in class or at grade level events. In the event that your child’s behavior becomes a problem, a conference with the parents will be initiated by the ap propriate grade level coordinator.

CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: In order to best serve the needs of every child, parents are asked to notify the Religious Education Office of any physical, educational, or behavioral needs that need to be accommodated. If a child requires a one-to-one aide at school, the parents may have to provide one for him/her to receive religious education in a class setting.   One-to-one aides must be ap proved by the Religious Education Office and be CORI checked by the Worcester Diocese.

MASS ATTENDANCE: The ultimate goal of the program is help all students grow to be holy men and women who live their lives in accordance with the teachings of Christ and His Church. Faithful mass attendance and reception of the Eucharist is a fundamental and essential component of Catholic life. As such, all families are expected to be committed to attending Mass on a regular basis.

REGISTRATION PROCEDURES: All families must complete a registration form, which is available at www.sacredheartmilford.org or by calling the Religious Education Office at (508) 473-1036. A baptismal certificate is required for all new students.

The education of our children in our faith is an essential mission of our Parish. No child will be denied access to the Parish’s program due to financial concerns. Contact the Pastor to arrange for a financial plan that meets your family’s needs. Any outstanding prior registration fees must be paid before a family can register for a new year.

All forms that are required for Religous Education can be found below. By clicking on the PDF Logo of the desired form you will start the download process. Adobe Reader is required to view. If you do not have one installed, go to the "Get Adobe Reader" icon and follow the instructions for download and install.
Grade 9 Parent Calendar for 2017 / 2018 Grade 10 Parent Calendar for 2017 / 2018
Grade 2 Program for 2017 / 2018 General Calendar Handout 2017 / 2018 year
CCD Registration Form 2017 / 2018 This is the CCD Registration form. Please complete the form and provide all requested material to the CCD office for completion of registration process.
Registration & Service Letters 2017 / 2018 This document describes the fee, policies, and what is expected of you and your child through out the year while your child attends Catechism.
New Service Log 2017 / 2018 This form is for the CCD program students to record their required service activities which count toward their respective sacramental requirements
Service Organizations Approved-2014-15 List of Approved Service Organizations to be used for fulfilling service hours.
Service Log Grade 9-2017 / 2018 Service Logs specific for Grade 9 Class.
Service Log Grade 10-2017 / 2018 Service Logs specific for Grade 10 Class.
SHWC Scholarship Info 2017 Sacred Heart Women's Club Scholarship Info Sheet.
SHWC Scholarship App 2017 Sacred Heart Women's Club Scholarship Application.
Conf-Name-Sponsors-Name Candidate Confirmation Name and Sponsors Name Form
Parish Census form If you are a new member of the parish or existing member and have not yet completed the Parish Census for 2013 / 2014 please do so by downloading this form, completing it and provide it to rectory for processing.
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Amy Donahue
Coordinator – Grades K-6
Andrew Tomaski
Coordinator- Grades 7-10
Email Address: ccdoffice@sacredheartmilford.org
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