Pricing information
$900 per cemetery lot for purchase
Burials April - November
$775 for week days M - F
$825 for Sat. & holidays
Burials December - March
$925 for week days M - F
$950 for Sat. & holidays
Opening of Graves for Cremains
$600 for week days M - F
$700 for Sat. & holidays
For complete information call the rectory
(508) 634-5435
Rules and Regulations of the Cemetery...
All work on lot must be done by cemetery workers. Cemetery grounds must be kept free of any objects. No earth shall be removed from the lot for in-ground planting. Plants and baskets must be movable and placed near the headstone only. Trees and shrubs may be planted in base of monument only and shall not overhang the base by more than 4 inches.
The caretaker may at any time remove trees or shrubs planted on the lot if they interfere with the mowing of the lot.
Memorial Day and special occasion pots and flowers:
- Dates for removal and replacement of potted plants are in the parish Bulletin.
- Remove Easter flowers and plants by the Sunday after Easter.
- Remove plants that were set down for Mother's Day by the following Sunday.
- Remove plants one full week before Memorial Day. Return plants no sooner than Friday before Memorial Day.
- Remove plants by the 2nd Monday after Memorial Day. Return on Father's Day.
- After Father's Day, a healthy plant in a 6 inch pot may be left indefinitely at the grave.
Please, out of respect for the deceased and for sanitary reasons, NO PETS. Instead of using unsightly barrels for rubbish, we ask you to take your own debris home and dispose of it there. We are not longer allowed to dispose of refuse near the wetland area. Help keep our cemetery beautiful. Foundations for stones are poured at approximate intervals of two months, from April to October, depending on weather and on the accumulation of orders for stones. Therefore, once a lot has been paid in full, you can expect it to be ready for a monument in two months, and sometime less.
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish 5 East Main Street Milford , MA 01757 Rectory: (508) 634-5435 Fax (508) 478-4993